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Become the epicenter of change in your neighborhood.


Health initiatives that address the needs within your community.

Whole Health helps local churches and health professionals collaborate to address health needs within your community. For churches, Whole Health provides a ministry that can mobilize your people to reach hundreds of families in your neighborhood. For health professionals, Whole Health provides a way to use your health expertise to help those who cannot afford or obtain health services any other way. Whole Health is ideal for churches who want to meet a real need and for health professionals or companies who want to give of their expertise to serve vulnerable populations.

From small efforts, such as distributing health information, to large, free clinics, you can provide thousands of dollars of medical and dental care to residents in your neighborhood. Services like tooth extractions, cleanings, health checks, prescription medications, etc. can all be a part of this pro ­bono effort that mobilizes your church and community.

People who are healthy not only care for their bodies but also their souls. We want your neighborhood to visit with healthcare providers as well as the Great Physician in Jesus Christ. That's Whole Health.

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