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Become an educational lightning rod by supporting parents and their children.


Educational support through the local church for parents and their children.

Oaks Learning helps churches support parents and their children to be ready for the coming academic school year. Oaks Learning will guide you to host a 2-week Summer Academy. The Summer Academy is operated out of your church, in collaboration with certified educators and church volunteers. For churches, the Summer Academy provides gospel-centered curriculum aligned with state education standards and guidance from our education strategists. For educators, Oaks Learning provides opportunity to support students using their certified credentials and expertise. Oaks Learning is ideal for churches or Christians who want to mentor children and youth as well as mobilize certified educators sitting in the pews.

When hosting a Summer Academy, your students will be assessed before and after using the Brigance screening test. Students have scored a minimum of 17 points higher after attending the full ten days and they went from 88% not ready to 75% ready for school.

We don’t just want children to be ready for school, we want them to be prepared for life, formed and fueled by the Good News of Jesus Christ. That’s Oaks Learning.

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