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Mobilize your church.
Transform your neighborhood.

We help pastors by equipping their leaders to implement social initiatives that bring real and lasting change - without the burnout.


Churches don't have to be invisible to their neighbors.

Unfortunately, local residents often times do not benefit from churches that exist near their neighborhoods, and likely would not feel the impact of a church closing its doors.

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Pastors don’t have to make it up as they go.

Although they wish to mobilize their people to serve, pastors operate under time and budgetary constraints, lack of personnel, and without effective programming.

Your church can become
the epicenter of change
in your neighborhood.


a thriving church culture that seeks to take action.


your members to implement guided social programs.


at night knowing that your people are serving.

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Start with your
Neighborhood 360° Assessment

This step-by-step assessment will help you understand the story of your neighborhood and genuine needs of its residents.


Guided programs your church can implement tomorrow

Job One program cover

job one

A job placement program that can be operated through your church, in collaboration with local businesses.

Whole Health program cover

whole health

A health initiative that can mobilize your church and health professionals to meet the needs of your community.

Oaks Learning program cover

oaks learning

An educational summer academy that can be operated through your church, for parents and their children.


Local Businesses and
Global Influencers

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Local Churches and
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