What Will You Do Once You Know What Your Neighbors Want?

If you are a church plant, or a church prayerfully considering moving locations, the Neighborhood 360 Assessment is a wonderful resource to help you make guided decisions. That became evident for a church we are serving in New Mexico.

As they faithfully prepared to move to a new location, they met their neighbors using the Neighborhood 360 Assessment and quickly discovered some of the neighbors were not nearly as excited about them moving in as they had hoped. Instead of being discouraged and stopping the assessment, they paused and addressed the immediate need. They created some relational opportunities for neighbors to share concerns and address the issues as best they could. They committed to seek more ways to get to know their neighbors and love them where they are. Often there are historical or underlying issues around we are not aware of because we don’t ask. Are you ready to get to know how your church is perceived by your closest neighbors?

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