We Are Whole-heartedly Here For You

Through collaboration between Whole Health and Seed to Oaks’ other programs, churches have been able to pivot to meet the health needs of their neighbors in some exciting, but practical ways.

By placing a flu shot table at a Job One hiring event, or a hiring event calendar at a Covid-19 vaccination clinic, church partnerships with local healthcare systems and businesses have allowed local churches to host health initiatives at their facilities over the past several months.

A nurse practitioner volunteering with Whole Health graciously performed back to school physicals at an Oaks Learning Summer Academy for 20% of the children who attended, making life a little bit easier for those families who needed that service for their child.

By learning the needs of the communities we serve, through our Neighborhood 360˚ Assessment, our Assessment Manager has been able to identify churches who are good candidates for one of the Whole Health initiatives.


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