Schedule Your Health Clinic!

When you decide a health clinic is needed at your church, you utilize our expertise, our guidance and materials (manual, workbook and forms are available) but by supporting your neighborhood with your own church community’s healthcare expertise you show a commitment to care for your community.

Once you have the go ahead from your church leadership and you know the legal requirements in your state, or area, it’s time to schedule your clinic.

You must partner with your church’s staff to decide the best time(s) of year to host a charitable health clinic. Events that are already happening in the life of your church may provide opportunities to add a small health clinic onto what you are already doing as a church, or you may need to more closely assess the health needs of your neighbors to find out what needs they would like addressed and then decide when would be the most beneficial time of year to handle those specific needs.

  • Consider when flu shots become available annually
  • Research when medical schools are in session
  • Think about when many people inevitably become ill with cold and flu symptoms
  • Try not to select a time when local parades, road races, events and festivals will cause road closures in your area

The goal is to consider how your church can have the biggest impact on health in your community. The point is simply to think the date through, so that you do not give reasons for potential guests and volunteers to not attend. Working to serve the health needs of your neighbors is a great way to show the love of Christ. Contact a Whole Health Strategist to weigh a health clinic as an option for service to your neighborhood.

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