Recover Learning Losses from “COVID Slide” with an Oaks Summer Academy

The term “summer slide” refers to the way a student’s essential reading and math skills slip into decline over summer break. If summer break allows enough time for students’ skills to suffer, imagine what 12 months of “COVID slide” have done! An Oaks Summer Academy can help students recover from this setback and regain academic ground that will ready them to start the new school year strong.

There isn’t one student who hasn’t suffered in one way or another from the effects of the pandemic on their education.  But for students who struggle, the setbacks can be even more severe.  Oaks Summer Academies provide elementary students entering grades K-5 with instruction that is particularly helpful for students with learning challenges. How is it done?

  1. Academy curriculum has been designed to focus on the most essential reading and math skills that can be improved in a two-week time period.
  2. Multi-sensory curriculum allows for hands-on learning that allows students to learn, not just with their minds, but with their bodies as well.
  3. Class size is limited to 15 students per grade level and each class includes a qualified teacher and at least one teacher’s assistant.  This lower student-to-teacher ratio allows the adults to give more attention to individual students, helping meet their specific needs.
  4. Instead of overwhelming struggling students with new material, lessons are designed to reteach important skills and provide ample time for hands-on practice.
  5. Success is key to confidence.  Confidence is key to learning.  For students who typically lack confidence in school, the smaller, more customized classroom of an Oaks Summer Academy can be a safe place for them to take risks, find success, and become more confident learners.

At Oaks Learning, we’re excited to provide an opportunity for students suffering from “COVID slide” to be ready to face the challenges of a new school year.  Learn more about this program and how you or someone you know can benefit by contacting Oaks Learning Manager Julie Cordray at

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