Ready? Set. Go! Seed to Oaks’ Launches New Beyond Tutoring Program

An answer to the question, "How do we help our struggling schools and students?" has arrived. Read more about how our new and comprehensive Beyond Tutoring program can put you on the front lines of educational transformation in your neighborhood.

The challenges COVID-19 have brought to our educational system to its knees:

  • Disrupted learning and development for millions of students
  • Widened opportunity gaps that further disadvantage low-income students
  • Unequal access to virtual learning
  • Teachers and parents stressed with new demands
  • Schools and families feeling hopeless in the face of so many challenges

But what if your church or organization could help bring relief to struggling students and their families by:

  • Helping students recover lost academic ground?
  • Rebuilding their confidence?
  • Leveling the playing field for disadvantaged students?
  • Providing much-needed reinforcements and relief for parents and teachers?
  • Doing it all with a gospel-centered approach?

It’s exactly what Beyond Tutoring is designed to help you do.  This after-school program has been developed with everything you need to launch a tutoring ministry right from your building. It’s 100% customizable to fit your unique circumstances* and, what’s more, has been developed with ministry in mind.  Students and their families will not only experience the love of Christ but also have opportunities to hear the gospel proclaimed.  Here’s what you’ll get in your start up kit:

  • A beautifully designed manual with detailed information about Beyond Tutoring and how to successfully implement the program
  • High-quality curriculum aligned with essential reading and math standards as well as life skills instruction
  • Resources that include everything from volunteer training materials to registration forms and everything in between
  • An Oaks Learning educational specialist to walk you through each step

If you’re ready to put hands and feet to your desire to meet an essential need in your community, a Beyond Tutoring program could be the perfect place to start.  Not only will you help get students back on track academically, but they and their families will experience the love of Christ in palpable ways through your church or organization.  If you’d like to learn more, schedule a time to talk now at or contact Oaks Learning Manager Julie Cordray at

*Virtual options are available as well

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