Pre and Post Assessments Vital to Oaks Summer Academies’ Success

Everyone knows that effective assessment is a key part of student growth. At Oaks Learning, we use standards-based pre and post assessments so teachers are equipped to meet their students’ individual learning needs.

One thing is certain when it comes to students—they are all different.  Even children the same age can have significantly different rates of development and distinct learning needs. That’s where an Oaks Summer Academy can help.  It’s a two week academic readiness program aimed at preparing elementary students for the upcoming school year. Teachers use pre assessments to identify learning gaps that help them focus their teaching on the skills and concepts their students need most.  Assessments are based on state standards and measure each student’s readiness to enter the upcoming grade.

At the end of each academy, assessments are given again to measure the amount of progress students have made over the two week period and to help Oaks Learning measure the program’s effectiveness.  Scheduled conferences allow teachers to share these findings with parents, equipping them with helpful information for continuing educational support at home.  Effective assessment before and after an academy helps equip everyone to succeed–teachers, students, and parents alike.  Put your child in a position to succeed by enrolling him or her in an Oaks Summer Academy next year.

Contact Julie Cordray,, our Oaks Learning Manager to give your church’s education ministry guidance.

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