Neighborhood 360˚ Assessment Manager Offers Free, Limited Demographic Information

It is amazing how often we have preconceived ideas of who lives around us, and assume they are just like us.  One of the services we offer to our church partners is a pre-assessment demographic overview of their neighborhood. A recent church leader new to the Neighborhood 360 Assessment said, “I had no idea our church family was so different to those who live around us!” When I shared the demographic overview report with this particular pastor, he was so surprised at the results, he immediately brought his leadership team together, shared the data and started praying God would give them His love for their neighbors. Now, that same church is engaged in a Neighborhood 360 Assessment and they are seeing where God is working around them and joining Him in that work. And, their neighbors are thankful to find a church filled with caring people.

Contact a Neighborhood 360˚ Assessment strategist to learn more about the people in your neighborhood.

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