Journey to Success, Part One: The Church

What makes us feel successful? We at Job One consider this question while working with local churches to find the answer.  Job one is a workforce program that is operated out of a local church.  This creates multiple opportunities for the many people involved to make a program such as this a success for the church that operates it, the community, and individuals that the program supports.

Job One helps the local church engage the community in its surrounding area.   By choosing to start a Job One program the church will engage multiple groups of people including: church members, volunteers, church teams, neighbors, job seekers and partners in the community.  This beginning stage of community connection is a success in itself…  to be able to bring people together with excitement is a win for everyone involved!  Engaging with these groups of people is fun and rewarding – even considering a program such as Job One into your church is considered a success to us.  Together with churches in our city, we create strong community involvement and create invaluable experiences.

So, what does success look like?

The answer is different for each church that we make the journey with.  We encourage you with knowing that you don’t need big numbers to make a big difference, to touch the life of even one person is a huge success. What we have found is that on the journey to success, it’s not only the end result that makes us the most successful, but the  small experiences and the people we meet on the journey that brings us true joy.

 For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

Matthew 18:20

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