Job Seeker is Wowed by New Resume

Job One is expanding into church across Louisville, and soon, the country. Let us help you wow your neighbors with a Job One resume program at your church. Contact us now to learn more and make the investment in your community.

One of the key services that Job One provides to our job candidates is resume development. Some individuals greet us with a resume in hand that has not been updated for several years; most come to us without having ever created a professional resume. Luckily, Job One is more than happy to work with job seekers to create resumes that are personalized to them. Each resume is as unique as the individual it describes, and tailored to each position that Job One customers apply to, with the objective of increasing the likelihood that the individual will meet the qualifications of that position.

However, there are many challenges that may arise when creating a resume. We often see individuals that have moved a lot for various reasons and their job history seems to be all over the place with little time spent with one company or industry. Although these may appear as roadblocks to employment, we ask our customers to think about what they have learned in these situations and how they have shaped them, not how they may be holding them back. For job seeker Donnie Collins, who’s constant moving left him with a long list of one-time projects and temporary positions, Job One encouraged him to look at his history as a chance to express his willingness to learn, ability to switch roles when necessary, and wide-range of abilities in his craft.

When Donnie reviewed the finished product following his resume revision, he was thrilled, stating, “The person that worked with me kicked butt on that resume!”. Providing personal development opportunities such as resume revision is just one of the many facets of Job One that gives hope to those that are searching for new beginnings and avenues for growth!

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