Job One’s 2020 and Pandemic Journey

            Like much of the world, Seed to Oaks and Job One have felt the weight of 2020, and its many challenges, on their shoulders. Nevertheless, our mission to help job candidates through a narrowing job market, pandemic lay-offs, and the difficult process to receive unemployment benefits prevailed. Prior to the full COVID-19 restrictions, Job One worked with the phenomenal women at BSideU For Life, walking them through character development and resume workshops to show them their strengths and how to market those strengths. As the pandemic progressed, Job One took the success of the BSideU workshops as inspiration for the creation of a totally virtual job training and personal development program titled, “Success for Life”. These workshops can be utilized by both churches and community partners to further the impact of Job One throughout the city and beyond.

Intake of new job seekers continued throughout the recent months, as many lost their jobs or needed to take on another to make it through these unprecedented times. As restrictions loosened, we were fortunate enough to bring on nine churches as partners in workforce support to assist us with the many individuals in need of employment services: Third Avenue Baptist Church, Walnut Street Baptist Church, Parkwood Baptist Church, Ralph Avenue Baptist Church, First Gethsemane, Cable Baptist Church, Redeemer Fellowship Church, Rock Point Church, and Forest Baptist Church.

Despite the challenges faced in 2020, Job One is proud to stand with Seed to Oaks, its partners and community support as we transition into a new year with new goals and a renewed commitment to social good. 

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