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Job One Manager - Reports to Manager of Programs

Job Purpose and Overview

Strategize with partner churches to develop and implement Job One initiatives for their workforce readiness ministries. Prepare churches to find local community resources that will serve job candidates to find and keep employment as well as remove barriers to employment. Develop a plan to show churches ways to find local employers who are hiring. Ensure this is accomplished through walking a church team through building their Job One ministry, using the individual aspects of Success Training, Job and Resource Fairs, and/or job placement initiatives and mentoring programs all operated through local churches in collaboration with professional volunteers, civic agencies and local businesses.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assist in the fulfillment of the Seed to Oaks mission to “mobilize every local church” by enhancing internal organization processes and infrastructure specific to the Job One Pillar
    • Through collaboration with staff, learn and teach about church experiences
    • Research, develop and pilot new Job One initiatives
  • Oversee and perform the recruitment and training of like-minded churches:
    • Attend church and business industry conferences and meetings
    • Follow leads for new church or business partners and follow up regularly with existing church and business partners.
    • Create regular newsletters and website stories to inspire, and explain, Job One
    • Find existing workforce resources and develop a method that can be implemented by churches
    • Align workforce needs with each church’s talents, to make each church participation as easy as possible
  • Implement and improve processes and systems for job seeker retention:
    • Help equip church teams to utilize workforce mentor systems using seven areas of self-sufficiency
    • Determining mentor requirements and qualification
    • Working with pastors and ministry leaders to recruit workplace mentors
    • Establish recruiting process to pair workplace mentors with job candidates
    • Train churches to implement workforce mentor program
    • Align candidate needs with mentor delivery and prepare the mentor for candidate mentor relationships


  • Coordinate with team to develop business plans and strategies to align with STO forecasts and goals
  • Oversee risk management and legal activities: letters of agreement, contracts, and leases
  • Business insurance: procurement, monitoring and management
  • Information technology – ensure the ongoing maintenance and updating of information systems and infrastructure, including hardware, software, and applications
  • Maintain, administer and train others on effective use of platforms and systems, including Salesforce
  • Implement recommendations to improve processes and procedures
  • Build trust and long-term relationships with managers, executives, staff, vendors, and clients


  • Must be a believer in Jesus the Christ the Son of God
  • Must be engaged with a local church on a consistent/regular basis
  • Have the demonstrated effective experience with both churches and businesses
  • Must not be reactionary, but have the ability of intuitiveness to assess situations and people
  • Have a demonstrated sense and ability to establish priorities, both personally and professionally
  • Have a sense and know how to navigate with and between multiple cultures
  • Must have demonstrated expertise:
    • With local church dynamics and people
    • In the inner-city environment
    • Regulatory oversight and legal compliance
    • In knowing how to span the gap between classes
    • In working hard and smart
    • In mentoring, coaching, teaching in a loving way
    • In critical thinking and execution
    • In being a visionary to be able to take Seed to Oaks beyond where we are and beyond where we even believe we can go

Skill Sets

  • Flexible and able to multi-task; can work within a fast-moving, sometimes ambiguous environment, while at the same time driving toward clarity and solutions
  • Demonstrated resourcefulness in setting priorities
  • Guiding investment in church, people and systems
  • Know how to build systems whether business, operations, or relational
  • Know how to build relations with multiple organizations and be collaborative
  • Innovative thinking
  • Articulate storytelling
  • Prolific networking skills
  • Public speaking
  • Be self-aware in personal attributes of:
    • Weaknesses
    • Where to improve
    • Abilities
    • Strengths
    • How to use each

Type of Position

Full Time Exempt

Qualified candidates please email resume to Kathy Chavez,