How Can One Healthcare Provider Make a Difference During Turmoil and Upheaval?

In 2019, Ashley Giles, APRN, was ready to serve her community through Seed to Oaks, but she didn’t know exactly how she might fit with existing initiatives. Ashley did not let that uncertainty stop her, she contacted Whole Health to let us know she was interested in helping, but she didn’t know what that might look like. Ashley expressed her expertise and interests and we let God guide where her gifts might best be put to use.

In 2020, during the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, when so many of us were separated from one another and food insecurity grew at an astronomical rate, it became clearer how Ashley’s education and talents in health and nutrition could help everyone who has the opportunity to hear. She could use what she knows to help our team create a plan and a process for churches to collect and distribute, A Healthier Food Box Initiative. This initiative currently includes a food list of healthier shelf stable items, mixed with some optional fresh items, that a church can pick up as needed, a few recipes of how to use the items in the food box and even a few cooking demonstration videos, to add another layer of care and nutritional education, into the Healthier Food Box Initiative.

Our thanks to Ashley Giles, APRN, and every other healthcare volunteer who serves with Seed to Oaks; those who share their acumen and skills with love and kindness to develop, or expand, our Whole Health and Seed to Oaks programs, so that communities nationally are listening to their neighbors and changing for good.

Contact us to learn more about programs that need your expertise. To serve with our Whole Health initiative, please contact our Whole Health Manager at

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