Free Valuable Resource: "12 Proven Ways to Give Hope"

The church is a treasure chest of people. Your healthcare workers, businesspeople and teachers can powerfully alleviate some of today’s social problems caused by COVID-19. Download today!

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From the forward:


We imagine a world where every local church is restoring its community. This means every single person has the opportunity to hear the gospel and flourish with their God given potential. We also believe that powerful churches change everything; that Christians can improve just about anything, including entire neighborhoods, job access, healthcare, education, and the way we help people living in poverty.

During COVID-19, our desire is that you share the Hope you have. Practically, this is a call for you and everyone you know to share Hope by embodying the following behaviors to BLESS those in need:


B – Be a neighbor and reach out

L – Listen

E – Encourage

S – Serve and meet practical needs

S – Share the hope you have


The church is a treasure chest. We ask that you open that treasure chest to release Christians – doctors, nurses, businessmen and women, lawyers, teachers, etc. – to powerfully address and alleviate some of today’s most pressing social problems caused by COVID-19. And we ask you to do in the name of Jesus Christ. That is why we wrote this guide. We call it a movement of social good through the local church – and we hope to join you!

Download the Booklet HERE

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