Churches Join an Employment Movement of Social Good

Louisville Churches are serving the employment needs of their neighbors during COVID-19 with Job One programming. With millions of unemployed community members across the nation, won't you use your influence to help put people to work?

As the COVID-19 pandemic begins to hit a second surge across Kentucky and the nation, local churches are supporting their communities through Job One programming. Though each church is unique in its support of the city of Louisville and carries its own stories of job success, when churches unite in a movement of social good, the impact can be tangibly magnified.

We’ve celebrated the triumphs of Third Avenue Baptist Church through the hard work of Ben Birkholz and Atito Njagah as the duo hosted 3 Job One job fairs, developed a team of workforce professionals and volunteers and will start Job One Success Training workshops for job skill development in 2021. Other churches inspired by the good spearheaded by programs such as Third Avenue’s have begun to see the practicality and benefit of Job One bandwagon in their communities as well. Walnut Street Baptist Church will host their first job fair and flu shot clinic sponsored by Walgreens with an astounding 23 employers and resource providers on Monday, November 9th. Job One and Whole Health are excited to take on a partnership event of such great magnitude!

Parkwood Baptist Church has decided they too want to serve community needs with a job fair. Their first job fair will be on Monday, November 16th with 8+ employers present. There are exciting things to come for both Sojourn Church Carlisle and Cable Baptist Church as their ministries begin preparing for their own Job One program.

Here at Seed to Oaks, we are continuously overwhelmed by God’s grace and guidance as we navigate these difficult times together as a community and ask you to join us in prayer over these churches as they step into their communities to support a great movement of social good!

Please contact Nikki Walker,, or schedule a call today,, to start planning and collaborating toward your Job One initiative.

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