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May 07

2018 Oaks Summer Academies!

We are gearing up for our first Summer of Oaks Academies for 5 and 6 year olds!

Each academy is a gospel-centered, two-week summer education program taught by certified teachers who focus on Math and Reading readiness for the coming Academic School year. Included during the Academy is vocational exposure for students. Each student is assessed, which helps parents to understand the learning style of their child and areas needed for growth. Think through your neighbors in Shelby Park, Smoketown and in New Albany and sign up below!

New Albany Registration – June 11th-22nd


Sojourn Midtown Registration – July 9th-20th


Donation List


Read In-depth our Academies Business Plan, Model, Schedule, etc.


Sponsor a Child (Amount to raise per student is $250, but any amount helps)



Cost is based on reciprocity, not ability to pay. NO ONE WILL BE TURNED AWAY and EVERYONE can contribute something. Parents must individually register each child if you have more than one. Each academy is limited to 30 students and is first come first serve.

Student Ages

Students must be 5 or 6 by August 1 as we are working on kindergarten and first grade readiness skills. The teachers for the academies have taught in both public and private schools. Each teacher will have two CU pre-teacher candidates from Campbellsville University in their classrooms.

Student Assessments

Students will be assessed using the Brigance, a nationally used assessment for readiness. Assessments for students will begin on May 29 in New Albany

Vocational Speakers

In addition to focusing on Reading and Math readiness, we have 6 vocational speakers signed up to speak to the students including a pastor, professor, business owner, baker, and a deputy sheriff.

Future Academies

Each year we plan to add additional locations, ages and classes.  Talk to Lisa Fulks if your church wants to host an Academy in 2019!

About the Program Director

Click here to view Dr. Lisa Fulks CV

Got questions?

Contact Lisa Fulks at

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