Our Team

We believe powerful churches change everything. Our staff works hard to create a world where every local church is restoring its community.


Founder & Executive Director

Nathan holds expertise in helping the local church become more effective and efficient at discipling the poor out of poverty.


Operations Director

Robert holds expertise in operations, management, strategic planning and brings 35 years of executive level experience from multiple Fortune 500 companies.


Program Director

James holds expertise in curriculum development, job training, marketing, event planning, recruiting and is a gifted teacher/preacher.

A Few Guiding Documents

To help you know us, take some time to review some of our guiding documents. Never hesitate to ask us any questions.

Our Vision

Where We Are Going

This vision document outlines four of our Neighborhood Pillars, the problems we are addressing and how we aim to solve them by mobilizing the local church.

Our Ministry Model

What We Are About

This slide deck gives a succinct overview of our ministry model including our value proposition, overall objectives, strategy and how we do what we do.

Our Business Plan

How We Will Get There

Our Business Plan will inform you with detailed information about our Organizational Structure, Programs and Services, Board of Directors, Staff, Budget, Strategic Plan and more.

Our Philosophy of Minsitry

Why We Do What We Do

This white paper answers biblical questions such as “What is Poverty?,” ‘What are its Causes?,” “What is Mercy?” and “How Can the Local Church Respond?”

Why you should work with us

We desire EVERY SINGLE PERSON to have the opportunity to hear the gospel and flourish with their God given potential.
Our Vision

Is to revitalize entire neighborhoods in the name of Jesus Christ. We can help you lead the way in restoring your community.

Our Mission

Is to mobilize the local church to the front lines of social change. We can help restore your church’s role of caring for the poor and needy.

Our Success

Is measured by powerful local church presence. We can help you meet needs as a means of making disciples and advancing the great commission.

Inspired? We’d love to work with you!