Medical & Dental Clinics

Why Medical Clinics?

It’s is a popular misconception that free medical clinics will no longer be needed under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Many people are surprised to hear that an estimated 31 million people will be uninsured when the ACA is fully implemented in 2024, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

As state-certified charitable medical facilities, Sojourn clinics are a lifeboat for people who have urgent needs and have not been able to receive care anywhere else. We are committed to providing medical and dental care, medication assistance, preventative dental services for children, vision care, health screenings, sports physicals, and short-term diabetes care. We also coordinate auxiliary health services for our clinic guests.

Why Inner City?

Being unemployed, living in poverty, in high-crime areas, without easy access to health food, among a high density of vacant homes, and others, result in a cumulative effect leading to numerous unfair health consequences. These include higher rates of heart disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, smoking, drug use, and depression.

Why Local Church?

The church is called, created, and saved to serve. Jesus gives his church a mission – we are to go and tell everyone the good news (Matt. 10:7-8). This is a mission to restore wholeness and health, to repair people who are physically, emotionally, and spiritually broken.  Medical Clinics are a powerful way for the church to meet real needs, advance the great commission, foster our own spiritual growth, and make God’s infinite fame visible to a watching, hurting world.

Why Gospel?

The Bible declares that God loves to heal (Ex. 15:26). God created our bodies and he has given medicine as a good gift. God also promises to heal sin sickness (Ps. 103:3), the root of all our diseases. We believe that medical providers are good and necessary, but that the Great Physician in Jesus Christ is better (Mk. 5:31-32).



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