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What we’re about

We imagine a world where every local church is restoring its community. We help local churches understand their own neighborhoods and develop strategies that accelerate their ability to disciple the poor out of poverty.  In the neighborhood pillars of Healthcare, Education, Economic Opportunity and Leadership Development, we help move the church beyond relief efforts to sustainable community development.

How we measure success

Our success is measured by the degree the local church has a powerful and visible presence in their neighborhoods and communities; one that is capable of meeting real needs as a means of making disciples and advancing the great commission. We believe real hope for lasting change rests on gospel proclamation and the way Christians visibly and sacrificially live their lives.  This is our chief aim and hoped for results.


We exist to mobilize the local church to the front lines of social change.

We work with local churches, non-profits, government agencies and businesses to pioneer efforts that address systemic injustice.


The Values that Drive Us

Local Church Social Responsibility

We believe the local church is God’s vehicle for social change.

Biblical Mercy & Justice

Our commitment is to plant mercy & justice ministries that serve with and through the local church.

Innovation & Creativity through Partnerships

True progress is only possible through restored, open, trusting relationships as we live and work together.

Our Current Work

We are leading the way in Neighborhood Renewal.  Beginning with medical services and education efforts, we are developing scalable ministries that equip and connect professionals to local churches who are working to solve community problems.  Our growing relationships with non-profits and kingdom businesses allow us to accelerate the church’s results beyond their typical reach.

So Far In 2017

Number of Volunteers
People Served
Service Hours
Value of Services in $ Thousands
Financial Goal for 201763%
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Where we are headed

The goal of our approach is to revitalize neighborhoods, driven by partnerships with the local church, that virtually reach across every sector of a neighborhood in the name of Jesus Christ.  Here’s where we are going:

  • Statewide Health Movement.
  • City-Wide Faith Community Nurses Network.
  • Eventual Start of a School.
  • After School Programming and Summer Camps for at-risk youth.
  • Sports Camps for Inner-city Youth.
  • Training Center for Adult Jobs..


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