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Jun 04

Sojourn Summer Academies to offer Mental Health Services

BIG NEWS. Our Summer Academic Academies will offer Christ centered mental health sessions for families which will include topics such as appropriate age related discipline, family communication, appropriate expression of feelings and emotional responses, dealing with life changes, dealing with grief and loss, and taking part in one's own healing.... read more →
Jun 04
May 07

2018 Oaks Summer Academies!

We are gearing up for our first Summer of Oaks Academies for 5 and 6 year olds! Each academy is a gospel-centered, two-week summer education program taught by certified teachers who focus on Math and Reading readiness for the coming Academic School year. Included during the Academy is vocational exposure... read more →
Apr 09

Supplies Needed for Oaks Academies

We are so excited about the Oaks Academies this summer!  Please visit HERE for more information. There are many aspects to this summer school readiness program that require volunteers and donations. Here is a list of the supplies we need, along with quantities: Wide ruled Spiral Notebooks (120) #2 Pencils (60) Individual... read more →
Apr 04

Have you heard about Oaks Summer Academies?

Have you heard about Oaks Academy?  We are so excited about this new education endeavor! Let us explain WHY we are committed to this offering. First, most parents in Jefferson County do not have a choice within the public school system as to where their children go to school. ALL... read more →
Mar 03

Job One Update May 2018

A wise person once said that ideas can be like helicopters or jet planes.  Helicopters take off and gain altitude quickly, though there are strict limits as to how far they can fly.  Planes, on the other hand, must taxi, gain speed to lift off, and slowly achieve altitude -... read more →
Mar 03

NEW: Seeking to form Health Services Advisory Board

Seed to Oaks' Medical and Dental Clinics continue to successfully reach underprivileged neighborhoods.  But we want to do more.  We want to be able to follow up with our guests and more importantly, help our healthcare volunteers follow up with guests, especially those who may have chronic medical conditions. In... read more →
Mar 03

March Update on Health Services

In February, we worked alongside 246 volunteers from Sojourn Midtown as they ministered to 133 people in need of medical and dental services.  We had 63 advocates (volunteers who accompany a guest through their entire experience) to care for the guests.  There were 66 gifted medical and dental volunteers, including... read more →
Feb 28
Jan 27

Job One: Invest for Success

The mission of Job One is to work with businesses and local faith communities to reduce unemployment among people living in poverty.  The program is designed to close the gap between community and faith based organizations and employers.  Our aim is to align employee preparation and training to employer needs,... read more →